The Artisanal Beer and Chocolate Box

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Forget wine and chocolate; we've got two dreamy beer and chocolate pairings for you to enjoy. Whether you will be with that special someone or indulging alone, this package will be gone faster than you can say "imperial chocolate stout."

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We've partnered with chocolatiers from two very different schools of chocolate making on this one, pairing their respective products with two equally iconic yet distinct brews.

  • Alesmith Speedway Stout. Imperial Coffee Stout brewed with Ryan Bros roasted coffee, 12% abv. 750ml capped and wrapped bottle. Inky black and deliciously viscous, like a chilled and carbonated chocolate syrup. With Ritual Chocolate Costa Rica Bar. Single-origin bar from Costa Rica. Bold, earthy peaks and hints of blackberry and walnut. Good Foods awards gold medalist.

  • Boon Framboise. Lambic Ale Fermented with Real Raspberries, 5% abv. 750ml corked bottle. More than half a pound of fresh raspberries are fermented per bottle of this beer! Need we say more? With Assorted Truffles from Charles Chocolates. We worked with Chuck to create a special assortment of truffles designed to tantalize your tastebuds in tandem with the raspberry lambic, each complementing and contrasting in its own way.

Read more about beer and chocolate on our blog.


What is a multi-month gift?

If you choose to gift more than one month, your giftee will receive the artisanal beer experience you've selected for the first month followed by our monthly selections for the remaining months.

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